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Strings in chamber music - quartets
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The Enchanted Garden coverTHE ENCHANTED GARDEN for bassoon, violin, viola, and cello by Howard J. Buss was composed for Keith Sweger and the 2016 IDRS Conference. The character of the music is meditative and reflective, Buss states, “While presenting the instruments in an interesting and flattering way, the primary goal of the music is to transport the listeners to a sonic world analogous to that of a lavish garden shimmering in the beautiful ambiance created by the late afternoon sun.”
(11”) Grade V. - Score Sample.pdf

Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3

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INTO EACH LIFE (1997) for flute, cello, piano & one percussion by Howard J. Buss was commissioned by The Florida Flute Association and the Brannen-Cooper Fund as a tribute to the renown flutist Albert Tipton. This work is in 2 main sections, the first of which juxtaposes lyrical and turbulent passages. The final section takes the form of a joyous fugue. The instrumentation includes vibes, orch. bells, cymbals, tam-tam, bongos, wood block and tambourine. (11’) Grade V.
Score Sample.pdf;  Percussion Set-up Chart.pdf

Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3  - YouTube video

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TRADITIONS (1990, 2014) for violin, clarinet, guitar & string bass by Howard J. Buss was commissioned by the Luski Endowment for Viva Klezmer! as part of the nationwide 50th Anniversary Celebration of the American Music Center. In 2014 the composer revised the work, further developing some sections. Traditions is a synthesis of traditional Jewish Klezmer music and elements of Western concert music. From the ornate opening cadenza (based upon the well-known "Shalom Alechem" melody to the jubilant, energetic "freilach" which concludes the work,The piece spans a wide range of emotions. It is meticulously notated so that even if one has not performed Klezmer music before, it is relatively easy to play in this exciting style.
(7’10”) Grade IV-V.
Score Samples: Score_excerpt.pdf; Clarinet part.pdf - Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3

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