Trumpet in Chamber Music, Trios by Howard J. Buss

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Trumpet in chamber music - trios
(in alphabetical order, durations in parenthesis)

Contrasts in Blue coverCONTRASTS IN BLUE (2001) for trumpet, trombone, and piano by Howard J. Buss is in 2 movements: Evening Shadows and Summer Sea The music is evocative of the imagery suggested by the titles of the movements and of the musical “blues” as well. The themes of shadows and water also suggest a kinship with the impressionist style of 120 years earlier.
(15'30") Grade V. -
Video on YouTube

Sound samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2A.mp3; Movement 2B.mp3

Music available from Cimarron Music Press

Remembrances coverREMEMBRANCES (2000) for trumpet, cello, and piano by Howard Buss was written following the death of the composer's 97-year-old grandmother. Rather than being a somber memorial or musical epitaph, this melodious composition is a celebration of life.
(8’) Grade V.
(Score in C, a Bb trumpet part is included.)

Score sample: Excerpt.pdf -  Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3

Music available from Cimarron Music Press

Serendipity Suite_coverSERENDIPITY SUITE (2016) for trumpet (Eb, Bb, and Bb piccolo), trombone, and piano by Howard was composed for trumpeter Brittany Hendricks and trombonist Bruce Faske. The work is in 3 movements: Auspicious Moon, Slow Dance, and Excursion. The composition is designed so that the trumpeter uses an Eb trumpet in the first movement, a Bb trumpet in the second, and a Bb piccolo trumpet in the third. Included is an alternative trumpet part so that the work can be performed exclusively on a Bb trumpet.
(12’40”) Grade V. Score sample (score in C): Excerpt.pdf

Sound Samples: Movement 1.mp3, Movement 2.mp3, Movement 3.mp3

Music available from Cimarron Music Press

Trigon coverNew Edition! TRIGON (1989, revised in 2021) for trumpet, trombone, and tuba by Howard J. Buss. This riveting and energetic piece is characterized by lyrical passages juxtaposed with aggressive, angular sections. All three players have substantial solo lines in this exciting tour de force. (9’30) Grade V.

Score sample.pdf

Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3

Music available from Cimarron Music Press

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